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Sunday, 6 June 2010

I am Closing this Blog Down Now

As the title says. Not deleting though.

BYE!! :( You guys are great friends

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Has The Time Come?

As the title says, Has the time come? The time for what? you ask. The time to end my Club Penguin blog.

Blogging HAS been a great experience, for which I'm grateful. But I think the time might have come to close this blog down. I don't want to use the word "quitting" though.(darn! used it =P)

The reason I started blogging in the first place was because I wanted fame, like I think a lot of other bloggers did. Except the only bloggers I had heard of were Mimo777 and Chrisdog93. I wanted to be exactly like them, and have penguins chasing after me when I was online. So after making blogs in my extension class, Mum FINALLY let me sign up for blogger.  After weeks on advertising on Chrisdog's chat (and getting banned for quite few hours), I got 1 or 2 followers.Then after reading Chrisdog's twitter, I met Hannah3823. I met Saraapril though Hannah, then somhow met Teddy2Tie. I then met Indy Luva, and now they are some of my closest blogging friends.

I am almost in high school, and now, I don't have time. I remember a few months ago, Malcom in the Middle was on, and I the computer doing catalogue cheats. I remember thinking I want to watch Malcom. Stuff this stupid post. No I have to do it, or I'll let my viewers down. That is just one example of a time where I've wanted to do something, but had to do a post. I want to get out there and enjoy life, without having to worry about blogging every Friday.

In my blogging journey, there have been happy moments, there have been stressful moments, and there have been sad moments. Mostly happy though. blogging has been a rollercoaster, but it's now time to get off.

From everyone I know, I would like to thank all of my friends. Indy Luva, Teddy2Tie, Saraapril, Twinkle Toes, Peggie Quin, Cafina, Shiplover, Wizzbrobox, Magno20, Paigelovey/Lemon2608, Queen Binawa, MrChicken4, Sommfi, Warriors101, Homer99
Victoria, 2000antman, Cherry, Victoria, Alex (polkadotblu9), Jodie and Birdy.

Update: I seen somehow to have forgotten Macy and Ellen and Y27s. Sorry guys, you also make me happy, and have been great friends.

But most importantly, YOU. For reading my blog, and giving me views, the 1704 views that keep me going.

I will still visit your Club Penguin blog, chat on xat, and play Club Penguin. It will be the same, only with no blog posts from me. I'm not going to delete this blog, incase I decide I want to come back one day, and if you can convince me to stay, I will.
You can email me at Also, I'm not completely leaving the Blogosphere. I'm still blogging @ Thoughts of a Wanna Be Spy

~Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.~
Thankyou to all of you. Goodluck, Take Care, and Goodbye.

But before I possibly leave forever, I want to say that your all awesome, and you can succeed at everything if you try your hardest.
See you on the other side of the rainbow (as Olive Tree said),

(Yes, I know my goodbye post is set out a lot like the one at The Awesome Penguins, but being as un-creativeas I am, that is my main inspiration for this post)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Break...

When you blog about Club Penguin, you need to learn that you have to post AT LEAST once a week. And when I started blogging, I didn't realise how tedious it would be. Sure, it does have it's moments, but right now I need a break. Maybe a two week break. I have TWO massive homework assignments that need completing (not to mention starting).

It probably sounds like I'm quitting. But I AM NOT QUITTING. Just a short break. I will be back on the 15th May.

So.... Bye for now!!!


P.S. Paychecks are in the mail for Tour Guides and Secret Agents =D

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

You Decide - Party Item

Here, I have some sneak peaks which Billybob has posted on the What's New Blog. There are for an upcoming pary, and the CP Team wants to know what one you like best

I like the bucket best, but I don't mind the Squid Lid either, which is currently leading in the poll HERE

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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Mission Update/Sneak Peak

 First, Sorry for not posting for a while, but Billybob  has updated the What's New Blog saying

He says that  the new Mission is coming out at the end of May (YAY! A date!) and that Herbert is plotting something BIG.

MissionHerbert.jpg There is also a trailer for the DS game coming out that you can watch HERE.

Until the new mission... Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready, and waddle on!
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Friday, 23 April 2010

Earth Day Party is HERE!

 Well, the Earth Day Party is here, and so are some free items, scavenger hunts, and heaps more :)

Free Items
It is a Straw Gardening Hat, at the Mine

Scavenger Hunt

At the Earth Day Party, there is a Scavenger Hunt.

The first item is in the coffee shop.

The second item is in the Pet Shop

The Third? At the Cove

And the fourth is where ninjas train, The Dojo

Item number five is in the Book Room.

Number six is the Forest

Item number seven is hidden away in the Ski Village

And the last one is in the ... You guessed it!! The Mine.

When you have collected every ite, you can click on Claim Prize to get a prize. THe prize is...

 A Recycle Pin!

The Recycling Plant

Once you have this pin, you can NOW go into the Recycling Plant.

In there, you can see all the rubbish we collected being recycled into other useful things.

When you throw a snowball, it's a peice of rubbish aswell :D

Path to The Mine
If you've been to the forest lately, you would have noticed a new path from the Mine to the Forest, or the Forest to the Mine.

I really like this path, and it's quite handy. WHat do you think?

What do you think of the party? I like the free item, and how CP is encouraging kids to recycle, but once I got inside the actual plant, I was quite disapointed. Were you? 

Also, I think the Scavenger Hunt is very challenging, but still fun. I was doing with my friend, and I was in the Book room looking EVERYWHERE for the rbbish, then my friend appears then dissapears. DIid you find it hard or was it just me?

We LOVE reading your comments

New Pin

 Along with all of the Earth Day celebrations, there is a new pin. It's ontop of Ski Mountain and it's a leaf.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Newspaper

There is a new newspaper that you can read here.

Things To Check Out
- Celebrate Earth Day
- Plans Revealed for New Room
- Events

New Room? A Recycling Plant? Okay... It's a really good idea to get kids to recycle, but what is a virtual game like Club Penguin going to do with it? I'm sure it's going to be fun anyway :D

But a new path from the forest to the mine? Awesome!! I can't wait.

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Awesome Givaway

Macy, over at "The Next" CPG is having an awesome givaway with as the prize. But first, she need to get 50 people following and reguarly commenting.
 Come on Peoples, visit "The Next" CPG

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Attack of the Evil Eddy Dog - Story

Yay! I had been waiting all day. In 5 minutes, my best friend was coming over. And we were going to play with our puffles. "Hi" I said as she walked in the door. "Hi" she replied. After sitting down and watching the Club Penguin Movie, we started to play with our puffles.

"My puffle Dave is an actor. What is your puffle?" I asked.
"Milli is a fairy," Jessamy2 replied.
"Lets make it that Dave is acting in a movie, and then Milli comes along and does some magic," I suggested
"Ok,"  Jessamy2 agreeded.

Just as we started playing, The Evil Eddy Dog came alsong. Evil Eddy Dog was the most feared, most scary, most terroising dog in all of the Club Penguin Land. He was big, with agry eyes, and short legs. He was a corgi.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! ITS EDDY DOG!" we both screamed at the same time. Evil Eddy Dog came powering towards us, slowed down and carefully picked up Milli the pink puffle, and Dave the green puffle.
"Milli! Dave!" I yelled, and went running after the puffles. But Evil Eddy Dog was too fast.

Jessamy2 sat down and started sobbing. "Milli"
"It's ok Jessamy2. We will find them,"
"If you say so..."

The next day, after resting,we went out and started searching.
"Milli! Dave!?" We yelled until our throats were hoarse and sore.

"OVER THERE! JESSAMY2 IS THAT THEM OVER THERE?" I shouted excitedly as I saw a pink and green blob in the distance. We ran as fast as we could, not letting our  sore legs stop us. It WAS Milli and Dave, we saw as we got closer. But then as we got closer, we also saw that they were all muddy and dirty and not in the best state.

As we rushed them home to nurse them back to health and wash them, we thought how lucky we were to have such great pets, and that we were able to find them.

And guess what? Their hair was even more fluffier than before. Maybe we should wash them more often?

This is my first story. Do you like it? (It's ok if you don't :p)

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